Facebook Power


Facebook Power along with Twitter and other social media resources is taking over our fast paced world; Social media has been one of the most powerful tools that even people from what I call oppressed countries are finding the Power of Social media.

Not surprising it's the youth of the day that is using this new media to get their message across.

Recent events in Egypt and the greater Middle East have highlighted the Power of Facebook as both a social and business media tool.

Big business has finally realized the power of these tools and now you can benefit whether you have a business or a group or charity whatever your social status you can tap into the power of these mediums.

The irony of this is that it is a type of Network marketing, remember the eighties and companies like Nuskin and Amway, you tell three friends and they tell three friends all of a sudden you have a million friends,

Well that's what Facebook marketing can be like and the bonus is you do not even need to spend $ 400 dollars on a starter pack.

To market with Facebook and you do not need a business page you can use your personal page to powerful effect.

Now the best way to do this is set up what's called a "like" button pretty straight forward but the real power is in a "comments box" on your website that links to your Facebook account.

What this does is and here are the steps.

  • You have the comments box on your webpage,
  • You write some thing and someone things good or bad I want to comment on that
  • That comment ends up on your Facebook page BUT also on their Facebook page now if they have news feed on their Facebook page it also ends up on their friends Facebook page as well
  • Then they go to your webpage and maybe even comment themselves
  • Do you see what's happening here and how it can go Viral
  • BUT and there is always a but
  • How do I set the comments box up and get it on my page.
  • Well it's really easy if you have a degree in IT,
  • One again the IT guys have made it more complicated than it needs be but there is a solution, see my resource box below

Facebook Power is taking over the world, Recent events in Egypt and the greater Middle East have highlighted the Power of Facebook as both a social and business media tool. Facebook allowed people to get their story out when the mainstream media and governments of their countries blocked all stories.


Source by Leon Clarke

Author: LocalInternetMarketingGroup

I've been working online business since 1997 and building Local Internet Marketing Group company since 2010 that recommends products, services and training to business owners helping them to succide on the local online world.

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