Business – Bright Chances In Pakistan – A Review (Part II)


Business Chances

1: Basic Scientific Research and Development Programs: A Key to Successful Business

A vital part of all the major companies is their R & D sector in the advanced countries. The universities and large institutes eg Max Planck Institute, Fraunhofer Institute, DLR (Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt), Walter-Schottky-Institute (WSI) in Germany, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) UK, National Institute of Health – USA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory – USA, CERN – Switzerland, CEA – France, NRI – Japan, etc … They have useful ideas, shaped into projects that end into a genuine product as a result of a strong scientific research. If the same strategy and planning is somehow adopted and implemented in Pakistan – to build a research and development department in some large and economically powerful industries – one can start a good subsidiary within that company. How? Well, logically it can be due to focussing a good research on the new ideas related to the industry with a vision for the development of a new or some improvements and improvements in already existing product. The creation of new projects within the R & D labs would indeed lead government and ministry of the Science and Technology to focus on the job opportunities. Occasionally, the brain drain can be reduced by keeping them fixed to the advanced labs already available in the county. One can say its two way improvement in a business

A: project focused on the product-based scientific research

B: The availability of the quality manufactured goods in the country means "no import" – saving the resources of a company or indirectly budget of the country …

Consequently, the also cooperate with other universities and institute in order to use some of their advanced equipments and instruments to evaluate their products. The main theme here is to stress on the opening of R & D sector and new industrial projects where the brain can be used and scientific ideas can be technologically shaped into a useful and market demanding product.

2: Agriculture and agri-product

Predominantly, Pakistan is an agriculture country. Most of the revenue generated is through agricultural products. Main crops grown are wheat, rice, Sugar cane, vegetables and fruits. The quality basmati rice is one of the main exports to all major countries of the world. Fine quality cotton produced in the "cotton belt" – the area famous for the cotton production – is a back bone of most our industries. This cotton contributes a vital role in Textile industry. As a result of textile industries in Faisalabad – a renovated city for textile and fabrics – have earned international recognition for such business opportunities in fabrics. If the international customer dealings and exchanges of the new ideas are done with priority, one can jump from small to medium scale company. Least but not the last, there are many opened doors in fabrics and textile in order to maintain a good level in accordance with the global standards.
The import of Agricultural machinery is also a fruitful business currently in demand. The advanced machines not only reduce the time but also the human effort is reduced.

3: Mineral resources

Salt mines, precious gems, Marble – white and different naturally fringed-patterns – are found in abundance there. The only need is to seek the modern technologies to tunnel them out and refine into precious stones for export. Industrial management in collaboration with "advanced brain" can double the value of the product in global markets. The application of computer based marketing for the mineral and products could integrate a lot of its costumers.
When we speak about globalization, we get an idea of ​​tightly packed identities and products available to everyone. One can understand that an easier approach to the availability of any product is the key feature for a good business. If the globalization of the item for consumption is done in international standards one can earn the right "value" of the time consumed.

4: Telecommunication, Mobile Technology

Personally analyzing a couple years, this sector is making progress by leaps and bounds. The emerging technologies and new devices for a better communication have welcomed foreigner companies to invest in this sector. Currently, the access to internet, mobile communication, DSL and VoIP and "Home-oIP" projects are / should be the main targets for the investor from inside of the country and the abroad multilateral concerns as well. A major collaboration of mobilink GSM, Paktel, WARID, UFone are actually public and government patronized companies open to free-n-fair and on compatible-terms dealings. It is worth saying that the interested investors from any part of the world should just have a brief look on such golden "revenue generator" in Pakistan

5: Online Banking:

If properly and modernized up to the international standards, one can progress by fast means. There is a strong need of internet banking so that people can transfer or get access to their "liquid money". The online banking projects should be a good step in the Incentivization by the public sectors. Customers and industrialists get know-how about the growing business legends based upon the fast internet banking. Online internet banking has been a fast and safe method of trans-fixing the credits into or a foreign country. Introduction of such a system would / is update the country's economy. At the moment, internet online banking needs more consideration to focus on and further improvement as well. Multinationals internet companies should cooperate in building a strong network of money transferring into and out of the country.



Source by Bin Almalik

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