Watch Out! Facebook Announced That Your Page Likes Will Soon Decrease


Whether you are a social media agency handling your clients Facebook page or you are handling your own, you will definitely relate to this news.

After working for months and years on building a Facebook community, a new update will take place in the near future that will decrease the number of fans you have on your page.

No, it’s not because of something you did wrong!

Facebook recently announced in a blog post that it will be removing intentionally deactivated and memorialized accounts from page likes.

Don’t worry, it’s not bad news for your business or your clients.

The social network revealed 2 main benefits for Facebook page owners, and indeed, they make sense:

Page insights: After building, implementing and updating your social media strategy, one main thing will matter to you… Results. The way Facebook currently exports your insights doesn’t provide you with an accurate visibility on the page’s activities. How can it take into consideration users who are no longer on Facebook? This doesn’t make sense. So with the removal of the deactivated accounts, the insights will be automatically updated generating more accurate results. Yay!

On another hand, it will make it easier for businesses or social media agencies using lookalike tools to find audiences similar to the ones who actively “like” their page. Double yay!

Consistency: As you might have already realized, “comments and likes” coming from deactivated accounts have disappeared. The moment a user removes his accounts, all the engagement made on page or individual posts will also be removed. This upcoming Facebook update will create consistency in the data as it will also discard the users.

As for the number of page likes you might be losing, Facebook declared a “small dip”. But how much is a small dip? Actually, it depends on the number of page likes you already have. If your Facebook page has a few hundreds, you might not feel the loss. However, if it has hundreds of thousands or even millions, the small dip might be more obvious.

Keep in mind that this update only affects manually deactivated accounts and not users who have been inactive for a while but still have their accounts. On a later period, if deactivated accounts are reactivated, Facebook will directly re-add it to the page likes.

For social media agencies: Hurry up! Tell your clients about this new update so they are in the loop of the change and don’t blame you for doing something wrong.


Source by Roger Kramer

Author: LocalInternetMarketingGroup

I've been working online business since 1997 and building Local Internet Marketing Group company since 2010 that recommends products, services and training to business owners helping them to succide on the local online world.

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