Facebook Advertising on Weekends: Is It Really More Effective?


Businessmen who use Facebook for their ad campaigns are continuously looking for more and more ways to promote their business using this social networking site. Facebook is home to almost 1 billion subscribers from all parts of the world. Aside from individuals, Facebook also acts as an information mediator between celebrities and fans, businesses and clients, groups and members, and many more. Advertising on Facebook is deemed to be very effective those who tried using it reported a 30% increase on their revenue.

If you have been using Facebook to promote your business, you are probably wondering if there are other ways that can help you boost the number of your page’s followers. Well, one popular notion is that ads that run during weekends are more effective than those that are flashed during the weekdays. Interesting, isn’t it? If you want to find out if this claim is true, read on.

The Myth: Weekend Advertising

As more and more people discover the benefits of using Facebook advertisements, more and more studies and researches are being conducted to improve the results of these ads. One of these new ways is weekend advertising. Weekend advertising operates on a very simple notion: the number of Facebook users is much higher during weekends, which enables businessmen to target a larger number of people and entice them to buy from their website.

The weekend advertising principle is also true for other social networking sites such as Twitter, Multiply, and Tumblr. In fact, a site called tweetclock.net, reported that the number of people who log in their Twitter accounts are 40% higher on weekends than on weekdays. Researchers reflect the same on Facebook.

Given that, weekend advertising is a fairly simple concept that small businesses can use to help boost their following on Facebook. But, one question still remains, is it really effective?

The Proof

A research conducted by TBG digital, a social media analyst, concluded that advertising on Facebook during weekends is indeed more effective than advertising on weekdays. The research panel studied some 66 billion impressions which are recorded for a span of three months. Their research found out that ads perform their best during Saturdays and they are at their worst when Monday comes. The average for Saturday is 12% higher than the Monday average.

TBG Digital studied the click through rates which are closely proportional to the cost per click of an ad as well as its cost per impression. Ads which have a higher CTR are shown more frequently while those with a low CTR has to have a higher bid to be flashed as frequently as the others. However, another way of driving a higher CTR is to schedule their ads to be shown during weekends when the number of potential customers is higher.

Simon Mansell, TBG’s Digital CEO said that the reason for this conclusion is that weekends are generally allotted for relaxation and free time. People who are out of school and offices find the time to catch up on their social media life and thus, are likely to come across an ad or two. Another reason is that people who use Facebook during weekends tends to concentrate on their News Feed since they access Facebook during their breaks. On weekends, they have more time to wander through the site and they tend to see ads and click through them.

As the author of this article, I personally surveyed 100 Facebook friends and asked them the same question. These 100 people hail from at least five countries and each has a lifestyle somewhat different from the others. Surprisingly, only 26 said that weekday ads work better for them. Some of the reasons they gave were:

· Access through Facebook is through offices and schools during weekdays

· Weekends are for mauling and spending some time for the family

· Computer maintenance and repair are generally done during the weekdays.

The remaining respondents said that weekend ads work better for them since they have more idle time spent on the page which entices them to click an ad. Also, the greater majority said that they have more time for Facebook during the weekends than on weekdays.

The Ad Campaign

Of course, these studies do not assure that you can surely get a boost for your revenue when you apply the weekend ad theory. In order to take advantage of this principle, you have to make sure that your ads are striking enough to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Also, create ads that are far from the ordinary and delivers the message in a simple yet effective way.

If you manage a fan page for your business, posting status updates, photos, and others on your page during weekends is likely to draw people to your business page and get to know more about your product. Engaging your fans in a simple trivia question can also help to draw them to your site.

The weekend ad principle is found to be more effective for businesses that target kids and teenagers. However, using your own unique brand of creativity and of course, some determination, you can use this principle to turn your business to the business that everyone knows about.


Source by Mark M Dale

Author: LocalInternetMarketingGroup

I've been working online business since 1997 and building Local Internet Marketing Group company since 2010 that recommends products, services and training to business owners helping them to succide on the local online world.

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