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Companies are making it easier and easier for people to create a significant income with their home these days. For those who do not know how to promote their businesses online, and for those who struggle with closing their sales, a service such as the Professional Business Assistants, which is offered by MyInternet Business is the perfect solution to their marketing and closing struggles.

MyInternet Business was created to facilitate the money making process both for newbies and those with marketing experience. All aspects of online marketing is offered in the back office ranging from blogging, article marketing, pay per click, podcasting, web 2.0 strategies, video marketing, press releases and much more.

For those new to the home business arena, there are videos and special conference calls tours to walk them through the system and educate them about how to create money with MIB.

So what's the main difference between MyInternet Business and other high ticket programs on the market?

Each company has it's own product line and service, however, one of the distinguishing features of MyInternetBusiness is the Professional Business Assistants who call your prospects for you and close the sales for you. This and the combination of the powerful video tours and opportunity calls to educate prospects about the opportunity makes it a very powerful home business.

Other companies like the Perfect Wealth Formula, Passport to Wealth, Coastal Vacations and others have implemented call centers, however what makes the Professional Business Assistants different is the fact that it is offered at each level of membership and is a part of the business if you choose to use it. It comes with each package, not as a separate service.

Programs like the Perfect Wealth Formula, Passport to Wealth and Coastal Vacations charge an ongoing monthly fee high fee every month to use their services. In some cases, there are administration fees initially to register for the service. As you can see, this can get very expensive and in some cases, it does not even include an advertising budget.

MyInternetBusiness offers four packages ranging from $ 495, $ 995, $ 1995 and $ 2995. Each package includes the PBA service for free. There is a small fee for the service only once there is a sale. No one is charged anything until there is a sale. Unlike other call center services like Perfect Wealth Formula and Coastal Vacations, you're not paying a monthly fee without any guarantees that you will have a sale.

The product is basically ebooks, software, audios, videos and even some physical products that the members could resell and market. The focus is on teaching their members how to create a real six – seven figure income with multiple income streams. There is also lots of training on motivation, mind set, goal setting and marketing.

In conclusion, while all high ticket opportunities out there offer lots of value in regards to their product line, most marketers still need that extra push to get them to the next level. The PBA service offered by MyInternetBusiness may be the perfect solution to their money making struggles since since it comes with their membership and there are no fees paid until there is a sale. It is a very cost effective business model.

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Source by Lydia C Botello

Author: LocalInternetMarketingGroup

I've been working online business since 1997 and building Local Internet Marketing Group company since 2010 that recommends products, services and training to business owners helping them to succide on the local online world.

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