What does Online Advertising mean?

What does Online Advertising mean?

Online advertising is a marketing strategy that involves the use of the Internet as a medium to obtain website traffic and target and deliver marketing messages to the right customers. Online advertising is geared toward defining markets through unique and useful applications.

Since the early 1990s, there has been an exponential increase in the growth of online advertising, which has evolved into a standard for small and large organizations.

Online advertising is also known as Internet advertising or Digital Advertising.

Online Advertising explanation

A major advantage of online advertising is the quick promotion of product information without geographical boundary limits. A major challenge is the evolving field of interactive advertising, which poses new challenges for online advertisers.

Online advertisements are purchased through one of the following common vehicles:

  • Cost per Thousand (CPM): Advertisers pay when their messages are exposed to specific audiences.
  • Cost per Click (CPC): Advertisers pay every time a user clicks on their ads.
  • Cost per Action (CPA): Advertisers only pay when a specific action (generally a purchase) is performed.
  • Examples of online advertising include banner ads, search engine results pages, social networking ads, email spam, online classified ads, pop-ups, contextual ads, and spyware.

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Online Advertising

Step 1: You Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers


Restaurants, retail stores, local services, etc. create offers like 10% cash back.


Online Advertising offer

Step 2: We Promote Your Offer for Free!


On our partner’s network, which includes search engines, airlines, banks, etc. We promote the offers on their websites and apps using our unique technology.


Online Advertising promotion


Step 3: Consumers Link Debit & Credit Cards


Consumers link their debit & credit cards to YOUR OFFERS.


Online Advertising customer link

Step 4: Consumer Shops at Your Location


The consumer simply pays you with their linked card.


online advertising set

  • You collect a 100% of the transaction!
  • We notify your consumer of their reward within seconds.
  • The cash back is deposited monthly in the consumer’s bank account

Real-time reporting on in-store sales

Track online impressions all the way through to in-store sales. Your real-time dashboard looks great on your computer or your mobile phone.


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