How to Create a Successful Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser


This article explains just how to simply take a regular bowl-a-thon fundraiser that might have created $5,000 and turn it into one which approaches six-figures. Below is an instant summary snapshot of this concept, followed by areas explaining how it works and suggestions to give consideration to.

Summary Picture:

  • Prospective Profits: $$$$$
  • income Source: Attendance fees, silent and live deals, raffles, lane sponsorships
  • marketing and advertising: Social media, press releases to neighborhood newspapers and TV/radio channels, internet site, signature, all communications
  • Equipment/Supplies: Event preparation with area bowling establishment, tables for auction things, audio system
  • Partners: Area businesses, restaurants, corporations, bowling lane owner
  • Volunteers required: Considerable committee construction to deal with every aspect of this event

How It Functions:

This fundraising concept is a remarkably huge fundraising event. The Domestic Violence business of New Haven, CT makes use of this as his or her leading yearly event, and received $91,000. The truly amazing element of this event is that the bowling street comes totally prepared to deal with your event. Simply arrange to hire a block of lanes or the whole building for the event.

The difficult component is choosing fundraising venues. Generally, the big event is either done by inviting teams to come in and compete, or by open bowling. The inclination is for the teams, as possible more or less determine beforehand everything’ll be getting for donations, including everything’ll be needing for space. Generally speaking, teams pay between $60 to $150 and much more to compete. Prizes are donated and granted, and team results are published while the day continues on.

The afternoon is generally split up into numerous time slot machines, and teams are assigned to every slot for competition. When you yourself have a 60-lane facility, you can see how rapidly the contributions can add up. Five 2-hour time slot machines, totally filled, equals 300 teams. At $100 to enter a four-person team, that is $30,000 in the first place. Then you can find another included fundraisers that may be combined: silent deals, live deals, meals and products, sponsorships, plus an awards supper later on at night.

Ideas to Consider:

So how do you realy develop 400 teams? Really this becomes a perfect venue for existing bowling leagues, neighborhood businesses and associations (like Kiwanis and Rotary) to take part in. Contact each neighborhood company and have them should they’d support your event by entering one or two teams. Give an explanation for guidelines, awards along with your cause. It is not too hard to come up with one or two teams in a business, and a healthy and balanced competition produces great press releases and sponsorships.

While you’re in talking utilizing the businesses, ask should they’d want to sponsor one of several lanes through the event. Perhaps a good indication sponsorship would price $200. With 50 lanes, that is another $10,000. Allow fans to attend for a small donation, and on occasion even free-of-charge. You prefer countless participation when you look at the silent deals, purchasing meals you’ve got on the market, or attending the prizes supper event that night. Understand that you have to charge to attend, if you don’t’ve included it when you look at the team entry fee.

If you can get a number of the neighborhood famous people to attend, that draw extra individuals the big event. Make certain you utilize the real time Auction and quiet Auction platforms during the supper.

Make the awards enjoyable. Develop strange awards to augment the standard very first, second, and third location awards. Perchance you will get a motor vehicle dealership to come in with a broad sponsorship, and provide up a motor vehicle for a 300-game. (Truth be told, Lloyd’s of London insures these kind of prizes, considering expected risks.) The greater awards the better: many gutters, cheapest individual rating, highest individual rating, most useful team jerseys, etc.

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