Creative Marketing Ideas For Shoe Stores


During a financial recession, the retail industry has brought a huge hit as customers merely don’t have just as much discretionary income because they familiar with. Whether your footwear store is a component of a big string or is simply a tiny independent store, you should always be on the lookout for brand new, interesting marketing ideas that may stimulate business. Here are some great methods to place your best base ahead.

  1. In-store occasions– clients have to know the benefits of your shoes, be it they are edgy and stylish or which they supply a cushty walking knowledge. Hosting an in-store occasion like a fashion show or a teaching program will not only create buzz and awareness for the store, but additionally sell lots of shoes! Get featured items fully-visible using a vertical banner or a window cling therefore customers know which shoes they will find out about.
  2. Loyalty cards– nearly all women have actually a footwear fetish, therefore generate a respect system that keeps this lady finding its way back for lots more shoes. This might be a punch card or you might use a computer-tracking system. After a certain amount of pairs bought, your consumer will get a free (or at least discounted) pair. Not just do you realy sell more shoes, however you additionally retain devoted customers.
  3. Shoe care– a terrific way to create your store more marketable is by offering footwear treatment solutions such as for example shining, stretching, plus minor repair. If you truly want to provide a first-class knowledge, provide free footwear repair solutions. You most likely won’t be able to perform this in-store, but set-up an understanding with a nearby footwear hospital or cobbler. Your client will appreciate the VIP therapy, and this guarantees they’re going to go to your store twice (once to fall off the shoes and again to select them up). It’s likely that they’re going to find a brand new pair in at least one of those visits. Show plastic decals at your money wraps permitting customers know these special solutions you provide, and work out certain the sales group is discussing it too.
  4. Sponsorship/donation– Sponsoring local occasions is an excellent option to develop a positive business reputation. As a swap, you are typically able to market at these occasions with a vinyl banner or perhaps in this program. Another special idea is always to produce a shoe-donation system. Make use of charity teams including the Salvation Army to give a couple of shoes for every single X amount you sell. This is a huge PR boost and makes your business socially-responsible. This has definitely struggled to obtain TOMS.
  5. Family bundles– If you are a footwear store that provides all customers (guys, ladies, and kids), generate a family bundle package. Offer a special rebate whenever customers purchase a couple of shoes for every single family member, or have a buy one-get one special. You are a one-stop shop for the family, but it may take a special offer for customers to understand that.


Resource by Michael K Allen


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