Priestley’s Paradox and Social Media Strategy


The storyline goes that in 1957 whenever speaing frankly about the reasonably brand new creation referred to as tv English novelist, playwright and broadcaster John Boynton Priestly remarked:

“currently we Viewers, you should definitely viewing, started to whisper to one another that much more we elaborate our ways interaction, the less we communicate.”

Or whenever interpreted by modern educational kinds:

“That as amount of interaction practices boosts the quality of the interaction reduces.”

This is Priestly’s paradox.

While this remark might seen variously as cynical, technophobic, outdated or simple incorrect (get with the times Priestly and stop becoming so negative, you’re incorrect!); We argue that most of the time when you look at the electronic personal space we inhabit Priestly was directly on the income.

Don’t think me? Imagine outlining the concept of social networking to some body in 1957 (and sometimes even 2007 for example):

  • Express yourself – in 140 characters or less
  • Show admiration toward a statement – by pressing like
  • Laugh aloud – do not actually laugh, simply kind LOL
  • Keep friendships – with individuals you have never satisfied

Can it be fair to express that quality of interaction has reduced?

Indeed – but this really is a ‘glass 1 / 2 vacant’ instance, it does not have framework and doesn’t begin to touch on the positives. Social media marketing is a strong device for organizations and can be highly beneficial from a customer involvement, B2B networking, advertising and marketing and advertising point of view – according to exactly how it’s used.

This is the the way I wish to focus on.

Do you have certainly one of ‘those individuals’ on your company’s Twitter or Facebook which share any backlinks in any way pertaining to their particular industry on a day?

“9 How to Generate brand new Leads”, “Must utilize App Tracks personal Trends”, “33.3 How to Instant Success”.

In a misguided attempt to be considered as an informed reputable resource or thought leader within their industry these accounts is visible as irritating, self absorbed and sobbing out for attention.With this method there clearly was generally little involvement (excluding large organizations), possibly the strange like or retweet but seldom performs this technique incite important interaction. What’s worse is they have been probably certainly one of 50 individuals in the same loosely associated industry which will be sharing the same thing on the same day. It is impersonal, shows a lack of some ideas as well as in this example shows Priestly correct.

I like to think personal tools could be used to raise the quality of interaction then when creating a social media technique for your online business think – how to show Priestly incorrect?

Here are a few some ideas:

  • A ‘no link without framework’ plan: When sharing a link relate it back into your business, your customers or your industry and explain the reason why it’s important/relevant/applicable/good/bad etc. This is easier said than done at 140 characters but that just emphasises the need to be cautious around publishing anything.
  • Development of our personal initial content and discourse: Quite simple truly, in which feasible you will need to produce your articles in-house.
  • Quality over quantity: You’re probably not entirely thinking about exactly what your consumers had for meal or the funny video some body entirely on their particular break why bore them with these records. This relates heavily on previous two things.
  • Utilize ways: Thank individuals for retweets, welcome brand new followers and buddies and continue to be amicable despite the method you might be utilizing. May very well not be interacting face-to-face but you can remain personable.

There’ll continually be a point of removedness in social networking communications but following these simple guides (and remember they have been only guides) will allow you to create much more appropriate, engaging, individual and efficient company interaction when you look at the personal space.


Origin by Simon P Neate


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