Cause-Related Marketing vs. Strategic Philanthropy


Six months ago, I’d communication with a national organization about their particular consideration to establishing a business strategic philanthropy program. They don’t have one after all. I held thinking, imagine the impact this organization might have in communities in which they’ve a presence! WOW! It could be phenomenal for all of them and communities. Allow me to state this organization is huge. Okay, they truly are huge.

Well, they were type adequate to let me know they had simply hired an advertising firm to create one for all of them. I thought to myself, “exactly what a pr firm? No please no.” But what to-do after that, simply wait and see whatever they come up with. Just one single month ago, we visited the corporations site. Indeed there it absolutely was, as I thought would definitely happen. They usually have an application, but it is a cause-related marketing program. I became broken and without a doubt the reason why.

Cause-related marketing programs derive from a few things. One is a one-on-one cooperation between an organization and a charity. The other is it’s product driven/sales marketed. The program works provided there is absolutely no negative promotion about either the organization and/or charity therefore works whilst lengthy given that product moves. In summary, cause relevant marketing features a shelf-life. While folks contend that any giving is a good thing, these kind of programs aren’t lasting. The message is certainly not fundamentally one which appears over time nor does the giving.

Alternatively, strategic philanthropy programs are manufactured by people or organizations whoever origins are situated in philanthropy. Philanthropy is a field using its very own pair of principles, techniques, experts and message. Strategic philanthropy is certainly not considering product or solutions and it is perhaps not marketed by sales. At its core, it really is on the basis of the fundamental concept of being responsibly focused on switching resides while the world today as well as for generations to come.

If for example the company is seriously interested in making an impact and giving straight back, you have got to be seriously interested in the sort of giving program you have got and exactly how it really works. It ought to be value-based and lasting. Consumers are savvy folks, like everyone else and me. Don’t believe they truly are fooled giving this is certainly basically marketing-driven. If you want marketing, employ a marketing strategist. If you want philanthropy, employ a philanthropy strategist.


Source by Maggie Keenan, Ed.D.


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